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My Companions
They share emotions
That I do not understand
Allows me to Love
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 4 0
What Is Love
To love another
At the moment you realize
They don't know how to
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 7 0
Am I Worth It
Who would want me when I have nothing to offer?
I don't play sports, but I could write you a love song
I can't climb a mountain, but I can create your story as an author
Who would want me with all that is wrong?
I can't paint you the world, but I can whisper how you mean the world to me
I may not be able to keep the darkness away, but I'll hold you until it is gone
Who would want this man, if all I was; was just me?
I may not stand out like others, but when you are down, I'll hold you above everyone else; to show that your soul gives me great might.
I may not appear as strong as others; but when your heart needs defending; I'll never backdown nor flee
Who would want this benchwarmer, if all I can do is write?
I'm not one to always have a silver tongue, but when you need to hear it, I will always make you feel right
I may be lacking physically, but I'll never let others dishonor you; as I will be your knight
When others give up, I'll always remain to fight
Who would want this, who would
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 5 0
She is the caressing morning air
A delicate mid summer heir
Travelled from the heavens above
What sayeth you, who do you love?
The crystal view of silver lakes
Reflecting smiles of sunlight breaks
Needing nothing, my love to prove
What sayeth you, who do you love?
The orchestra of my love symphony
The enemy of darkness, my infantry
Bountiful forests, deep and lush
What sayeth you, who do you love?
My night's calm fulfilling embrace
Dancing Moonlight blessed their grace
They always put me in such a fuss
What sayeth you, who do you love?
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 6 0
All butterflies, floating, dancing through the stomach
Bewitched cloak; others I can not behold
Can not think straight, lost thoughts; mind still is moonstruck
Wrapped around your fingers, I accept I'm controlled
I melt with yearning; in my heart you're stuck
Make me, yell at me; doing whatever I'm told
No matter the how, or when; once bitten
All that remains; with you, I'm totally smitten
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 5 0
Just You (A Kinuginu)
My morning sunrise
My windswept rose garden
My tree that breaths life
My water that sustains me
All I need my love; just you
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 7 0
Still Fighting
Empathy is a powerful tool
And I'm a powerful asset
But I'm being overwhelmed by the deluge of emotions; as experienced as I am
It's difficult to separate my own emotions and yours
At first, like a simple breath, it was only affection
Now I wallow in self pity and longing
Hoping for the day my unrequited love is returned, but is it really mine?
She has the same issue, my successor, untrained and confused
She's lost within the torrent of emotions she doesn't understand
Even worse; the power of empathy, I create, she taps into that torrential whirlpool
One is needing; the other cutting, where is the line drawn
You continue to not trust us fully, yet we are ready to sacrifice everything; everything for just a taste of happiness
Your unwillingness for the truth; avoidance of important matters
Is killing us
Your refusal to believe in our gifts, makes us weak.
To suffer is our future; when all we want is a future with you
It's no longer about everyone else, it's no longer about keeping frien
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 8 6
Left behind
The weight of it all; painfully heavy
The sun rises, but the heat does not caress my skin
I can't see the beauty of dancing clouds; painted to the sky
Nor the windswept choirs of bristling colors
Surrounded by such life; my depths just inky primordial pools
I can't hear the laughter, of natures bounty; Nor breath the joyous scent of a world reborn from the morning glow
Life just keeps turning; moving forward
And I'm stuck in the tar pits of despair
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 10 10
Give up
Hey, this is your heart
Time to quit, rest now please
The ever-slumber death
It doesn't matter anymore
You always are forgotten
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 10 10
My Prison
I wish like others, I could cry
A river to flow from an eye
It is simply easier to disattach
But I can't; So I am stuck, trapped
I wish like others, I could scream
Agony burst out in a stream
To silence though: I am too attached
But I can't; So I am stuck, trapped
I wish, like others; I could feel
Or that my heart could truly unseal
To be without, always so unmatched
But I can't; So I am stuck, trapped
I wish this pain of lonliness
Not to all , but quite obvious
If only my mind could be mapped
But I can't; So I am stuck, trapped
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 10 16
Raw Poetry
gridtakno: it leaves me confused yet oddly satisfied :clap:
PeriodicFable: Haha, what a wonderful reaction, thank you so much!
gridtakno: No problem. Now I wish I had some rum!
PeriodicFable: Haha, grab a few friends to join the fun!
gridtakno: Just not too quick, it'll destroy your tum!
PeriodicFable: Good advice Grid! I'm glad this appealed to you, especially in light of its conversational context.
gridtakno: Honestly I thought this comment line; Quickly turned into a rhyming game that might get complex! XD
PeriodicFable: ((Oh my, you absolute champion.))
Well, for that to be remotely successful I would have to scour my vocabulary index!
gridtakno: Not as simple as just sending a text!
PeriodicFable: :giggle:
gridtakno: Are we done with this yarn to wiggle? It could continue to spin! Maybe we could add a little jiggle!
PeriodicFable: Great stuff, make that a poem!
gridtakno: I will create one of this interaction, yes indeed.
Please continue to set the tone
This I want, craz
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 3 16
My Muse
I love my muse
Funny and intelligent
Smile is exquisite
Their voice alluring, delightful
Writing of my muse all day
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 2 14
Tough Guy
You saved him
Words pierce skin as arrows
Teasingly pulled out
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 2 26
Cold steel
Hot edge, supple skin
Blush, pervert
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 1 2
Differences Complete
               Strong, emotionless
           Thinking, writing, wishing
     I can be weak, you can be strong
         Dreaming, reading, thinking
                   Emotional, sad
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 4 28
Missing You
It starts not any different
My needs seem inconsiderate
Everyday, I am waiting too
Should be simple, but I miss you
Enjoy your trip, come back happy
Away from that mental abbey
All my emotions I misconstrue
Should be simple, but I miss you
A project to keep me busy
So much to do; head is dizzy
Thoughts spinning, so hard to write anew
Should be simple, but I miss you
Who am I kidding, I will make it
But without you, I will admit
Tough it is to make it through, this is true
Should be simple, but I miss you
:icongridtakno:gridtakno 4 10


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So the hospital doesn't know exactly what's wrong. So they just gave me a bunch of drugs and said "If it gets worse or doesn't seem to work comeback" good ol' hospital
😔 I think they might be keeping me. Still a chance though I'm not staying hopefully
Well I hate hospitals so hopefully they won't keep me this time ><
So I've decided to fully go under.. Yes that is correct. I know you want to disagree. But I've decided and that's final. I've overreached my limits. My heart hurts, it aches with an unfulfillable void. I've separated the partitions, to let them roam free. I know what happens, yes I will lose touch with everything on the outside. I will remain, attempting to continue making contact here. Though, I am tired; but I've tried to love again, and they could try also. So for now I'm taking this break. My mind will be at the first world, my world. Come find me, I'm waiting for you.

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Call me Grid. Im here to be here. I love literature of all types. I am a literature enthusiast. I also like to critique when the work inspires me just right! Feel free to help a guy out with networking, if you like it enough you can share/feature my work. Thank you for your time, keep up the good work, and one day may I come across your writings to enjoy


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